God is..
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For such a short word, "God" embodies more controversy, thought, passion, faith, spirit, and superstition than most words with considerably more letters.

While some people may sometimes disagree on the exact definition, what we can agree upon, is that the word means something different to everybody.

What does it mean to you?


Random definitions

God is crying during the sad movie too
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God is the one who knit me togeather in my mother's womb. Even if I was acceidently conceived, I was not a mistake to Him.
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God is to thank for me being alive
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God is a people person...he even loves his enemies. controversial...he is ready to sacrifice his own son to save those who reject him. a reject...many don't like what he stands for. the lover of my soul...he breathed life into me. *&^$)@#!?@$#$...no words can do him justice. Open your heart to him and let him show you who he really is.
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God is ...God.
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